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New York Advertising Agency #03-1014111-447

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

"Ours is the Business of Ideas and Communication - Through the embodiment of cultural diversity, we fuse marketing principles with the cultures of our global marketplace. Our promise is to create an environment that nurtures ideas and messages that resonate in people's ...

Cultural Profile

We service the needs of national and regional clients by seeking to reach multi-ethnic and multicultural audiences. Our team has the distinction of not only having knowledge of America's diversity, but of being America's diversity. Our roots spread through a multiplicity of ethnic cultures and consequently enable us to nurture the right chord ...

Firm Strengths

Our greatest strength is our ability to hone in on a target's insights and use these insights to create ideas and advertising that move consumers into action. This strength is demonstrated by our ability to merge our strategic planning and creative development.

One Last Word

Our team consist of a "Remarkable 7" partners that surround all the work with the best in strategy, creative brilliance and meaningful and tactically adroit account mangers. Together we give your marketing challenges the benefit of some 50 years of collective advertising and marketing experience and also the energetic enthusiasm and insight that ...

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