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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1014241-308

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our Company is 100% committed to getting results, because we know our success depends entirely on the exposure we're able to achieve for our clients. We work in close partnership with a select group of clients, embracing each partner's individual needs as our own. We're ...

Cultural Profile

There's a lot to be said for value. At our agency, we understand the value of a respected name and a good reputation. After all, we're in the business of creating the first and protecting the second. ...

Firm Strengths

. Senior Professionals who execute. . Brain power and creativity matched to client needs. . Independent with no parent calling the shots or bureaucracy to ...

One Last Word

Our company effectively combines the focus of a boutique agency - working smarter, faster and more efficiently - with the senior-level staff experience of a large agency. Our people have counseled clients through financial and product crises; they have cut through marketplace clutter to help clients build awareness and position ...

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