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New York Advertising Agency #03-1014257-955

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

a style brand sets itself apart from other brands in that it attracts rather than pursues its customer. For this reason, we have developed a unique way to approach brand ...

Cultural Profile

Our personality is reflected through our creatives. We work in partnership with our clients and thanks to their trust we have been able to create unusual advertising that made them unique in their own category. For instance, with Kaplan, Maidenform, Jil Sander, Adidas and Calvin Klein (Obsession and CKOne). We redifined what the image of the ...

Firm Strengths

We believe in integrated marketing, utilizing all available communications tools to reach consumers with a message that is relevant and stimulating.Increasingly, that messaging is delivered in non-traditional forms. We have teams of professionals who work on POS, guerilla advertising, online, off-line and other non-traditional media ...

One Last Word

We are a perfect partner who understands: global advertising new brand development planning and creative work together in a nonlinear process of iteration the consumers' needs and dialogue through our proprietary Brandstyle ...

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