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New York Advertising Agency #03-1014277-739

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Culture Is Our Business "If you're a mass-marketer, you're either a creator of pop culture or one of its victims." ...

Cultural Profile

The personality of the firm? Two words: Dennis Miller. You know, the comedian on Monday Night Football that makes jokes out of references of references. Here's one from a couple of weeks ago: Referring to the up to 15-hour time delay when watching NBC's coverage of Olympic events from Australia Miller said: "I fell into some cosmic wormhole the other ...

Firm Strengths

Create advertising that touches its' target within the targets' culture. Whatever the culture maybe. Create programs that cross paths with that target when ever possible. ...

One Last Word

Some New Answers to the Old Question of How to Build Brands Effectively Is this a great time or what? Dot coms are cratering at Internet speed. Venture capitalists are less adventurous everyday. And the public markets have sobered up. B to C plays are dead for now. B to B and ...

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