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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1014402-299

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Publicity is the currency of the digital information economy. For 19 years, our team of dedicated public relations professionals has specialized in gaining publicity for high-profile clients in media, technology, e-business, entertainment, professional services and ...

Cultural Profile

Our staff consists solely of experienced PR and media/technology industry specialists. Prior to joining the firm, all of our team members practiced various disciplines of public relations, marketing communications, journalism and corporate communications specifically for top Internet, media, entertainment, technology, business, and ...

Firm Strengths

We are specialists in: Media (broadcast TV, cable, radio, production, online, news services, magazines, newspapers, Websites, etc.) ...

One Last Word

Our philosophy can perhaps best be summed up by the following quote from Jack O'Dwyer, publisher of The Inside News of Public Relations: "PR is the business of words. Make sure you are getting a minimum number of words from the PR firm aimed at you and a maximum number of words that are aimed at reporters and analysts. You want a maximum ...

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