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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014496-948

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We're driven to create spectacular work - but spectacular' is more than just an adjective: it's a benchmark. Spectacular means more than just great creative. It means creating an end product that contributes as much to the communications success of our clients, as it ...

Cultural Profile

These days, every agency talks "integration," but we actually practice it. In fact, we were actually founded on the principle of integrated communications - or, as we call our proprietary model, Convergent Communications. We're a full-service agency, which from the outset, establishes a multidisciplinary team that develops a common strategy ...

Firm Strengths

. We pride ourselves in truly understanding our clients' businesses - what makes them tick, what drives revenue, what drives profitability. Once distilled, we prioritize our focal points, developing ideas with the single objective of making our clients' businesses tick better'. ...

One Last Word

We Build power brands. We help our clients insert their brands into the culture with our proprietary CultureBrandingTM approach. We provide Convergent Communications "without walls." We are fast, proactive, inspired and fun.

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