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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014969-289

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Finding unconventional ways to build brands means cutting through, not just the proverbial media clutter but also the processes that inhibit innovation. That's why our symbol is a simple hand saw and our mantra is to cut through. Working closely with our client partners, we deliver ...

Cultural Profile

We have a lot of saws hanging around the office. These are constant reminders of the need for everyone at our company to cut through. United in our mission, our team is personality rich. We work hard and have fun. We are guided by a shared set of values (FUN CHOICE = Challenging, Honesty, Open-mindedness, Integrity, Community, ...

Firm Strengths

Finding unconventional ways to build brands: 1. Staging unique events that set the stage for PR and advertising. . For example, we arranged for a Hummer to run over our client's ruggedized notebook computer live from COMDEX on Good Morning America. This now legendary torture test resulted in an avalanche of publicity ...

One Last Word

Agencies are only as good as their people. We think we have assembled an awesome group of nice, talented, professional renegades. We also have great caterers. For the true taste, you'll have to pay a visit. Thanks. ...

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