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New York Advertising Agency #03-1014994-767

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We believethe greatest service we can render a client is the power of a High Value Idea. High Value Ideas are based on a profound understanding of the problem. They are brilliant, long lasting, enduring and persuasive in all media. These ideas are marketing assets ...

Cultural Profile

Our business is creativity. Brilliant work happens when you put talent, ambition and focus together in a collaborative culture. It's pretty simple-when our employees are happy, they're committed and they do better work for our clients. Working to put hours on a timesheet flies in the face of that culture. We encourage our employees to have a full ...

Firm Strengths

1. Proven ability to create, position and sustain significant brands in competitive categories. This includes branding, sub-branding and niche marketing. 2. Huge global agency network spanning 82 countries. Ability to ...

One Last Word

The scope of our capabilities is far broader and deeper than that of other agencies. We are committed to a central view that we can help our clients grow most successfully when strategic marketing direction and real-world execution - counsel, concept, and implementation - are delivered comprehensively. This capability - and particularly the ...

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