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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1015004-710

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

To provide a bold healthcare branding solution your each business challenge presented to us. We achieve this through unique scientific and clinical insights, combined with extensive market assessments and strategic planning. The culmination of our efforts are powerful, ...

Cultural Profile

Passion. For what we do. For what you do. It's what we are all about. And what we demand from each member of our team. Passion. What we look for in our clients. With passion, you produce with identity and fire. Work that is memorable that stops your desired audience in its tracks and inspires them to take notice. React. Motivate. Our talented team ...

Firm Strengths

Our focus has been on the specialty markets over the past 2 decades, and our experience has provided us tremendous background in neurology, psychiatry, nephrology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, infectious diseases, and pain. Our core competencies are in brand identity development, healthcare professional promotion, multichannel brand ...

One Last Word

Passion. Partner. Medical Strategy. Creativity. Trust. Efficient. Effective. Together, these words define us. We balance striking and compelling creative concepts with an unwavering commitment to strategic and financial accomplishment. You can't ask for anything better. And you won't find it either. ...

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