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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1015024-199

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

To generate the best possible results for you in quantity and quality. Our work sells your products or services, communicates your viewpoints, changes opinions, influences decisions, builds images and affects stock prices. ...

Cultural Profile

We hire only motivated and goal-oriented people who have the desire to succeed. We support a fast-paced challenging environment where people like to come and work. Our people come first. Our staff like it here and like their work.

Firm Strengths

Experience - We have over 20 years of experience in a range of categories Full Service - As a full service marketing/PR agency, we have practical experience with all aspects of public relations. Size - Because of our size, you will get personal attention from ...

One Last Word

When you're looking for a really good, mid-sized full-service national agency based in New York, choose us.

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