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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1015026-491

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We were founded in 1968 on the belief that a company's reputation is its most important asset. As one of the first integrated agencies to realize that building a client's reputation can help sell new products and services, recruit talent, raise money and build public support in ...

Cultural Profile

We are a results driven culture, and believe in measuring the effectiveness of our recomendations by beginning with quantifiable goals set against specific dimensions such as awareness, attitude, leads, sales or stock prices. All communications flow from a single strategy that is defined at the start of the process which works to ...

Firm Strengths

1. We are a full-service agency providing a complete menu of communications disciplines from advertising, public relations, direct response and collateral to events promotion and marketing under one roof. ...

One Last Word

The first step in developing effective communications is understanding. Understanding the market. The target. The benefit. To do that, we use all the tools of the research trade. We have broad experience in planning and designing research, including ...

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