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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1015042-124

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a leading integrated marketing communications agency and were the first agency to be named Global Agency of the Year by both Advertising Age and Campaign in the same year. Our network is made up of 11,000 ...

Cultural Profile

Our culture is not only media agnostic, but also agency agnostic. We are one of the first agencies in the world to move to a single global "bottom line" for all disciplines. This move eliminated the silos that had grown among the internal disciplines and their leadership and has driven our people to collaborate with each other in ways that the silos ...

Firm Strengths

.We Successfully Manage More Global Brands than Any Other Network _ In 2010, we were awarded, for the fifth year running, the title of Agency Network With Most Global Client' (by the US publication Advertising Age) _ Our success in running multi-national accounts is down to the ...

One Last Word

Originality, insight, and creative genius have always defined success in our business. They still do. But as we move from a broadcast to a networked world, there's a great shift from individual to collective genius. No one person can build an idea for the networked world; idea development is a team sport. ...

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