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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1015518-751

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We offer "Total Solutions" to companies that are committed to reaching multicultural audiences by providing integrated advertising and public relations services designed to build, protect and grow a company's brand and reputation. In essence, our expertise in ...

Cultural Profile

The agency's leadership is dynamic and passionate in our dedication to each client's mission. We are equally committed to making a positive difference in our communities and in the lives of the people we influence. Numerous new client relationships have been formed because of our reputation for integrity and vitality. ...

Firm Strengths

The agency has the following unique strengths: Ability to create target marketing programs - based on a track record in the African American and Hispanic markets - that support an organization's primary business strategy. ...

One Last Word

To do business with the African American and Hispanic consumer market, a company has to be able to demonstrate its commitment to this communities. Our marketing expertise is enhanced by our ability to reposition a company's philanthropic efforts and create the one-on-one relationships necessary to foster a favorable environment in the ...

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