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New York Advertising Agency #03-1015649-357

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Like the Marines whose recruiting slogan used to be "We're looking for a few good men", our mission can be stated just as succinctly: we're looking for a few good clients. ...

Cultural Profile

Want an instant snapshot of our agency? Think of the best standup comic you ever saw. Hold that image! Then think of any of this decade's most innovative Internet marketing entrepreneurs. Thank you. Wait a minute! Are we saying those people are the actual heads of our agency? Well, no. But we're such embodiments of those talents we could very well be ...

Firm Strengths

Probably the real strength of our ad agency is its tone. It speaks to its various constituencies in a smart, light-hearted, often exuberant manner. In its insistence on having fun ---- in not taking itself too seriously ---- the agency exudes a youthful, confident, jaunty attitude. Which, of course, becomes the attitude of the advertiser. ...

One Last Word

One Last Word. Most of the agencies you'll find here are a great deal larger than we are. They probably boast gigantic offices and enormous staffs. Okay, that's not us. But by the same token, none can have their top people ...

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