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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1016272-967

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Earlier Traction. Stronger Grip. In the New Economy Market. Never has the high-tech terrain and digital media landscape been ...

Cultural Profile

Defining the character of an agency is done by virtue of the people who work there and the environment in which they work. Rather than define our people, we prefer to illustrate them (sometimes with paint and polish) with words such as adventurous, challenging, daring, driven, disciplined, excellence, fun, intelligent and refreshing. ...

Firm Strengths

Experts in Authority Leadership Winning companies today require authority leadership and a clear advocacy agenda. Authority leaders speak to more than the qualities and attributes of products, technologies and services. They are the ones ...

One Last Word

Why We're Different. Daring. We do what others don't dare. We're adventurous and innovative. ...

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