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New York Sales Promotion Agency #03-1017595-036

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a premier provider of online,traditional and integrated marketing and sales promotions. We are designed to act as a unique "one stop" full service sales promotion agency. ...

Cultural Profile

We are a small size firm of 10 people and will break into promo 100 this year. Our group is enthusiastic about our work and we live to work. we love what we do and we enjoy everyday. We try and think out of the box to keep our clients happy.

Firm Strengths

Sweepstakes Online Sweepstakes Scratch Cards Sustainable Competitive Advantages: The Company integrates multiple ...

One Last Word

The Company is a developer and provider of Traditional/Internet promotion solutions to help companies meet their corporate objectives like visualization, stickiness, registration, data collection, brand awareness building and product introduction. The Company's infrastructure helps marketers stimulate sales and build relationships ...

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