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New York Advertising Agency #03-1018618-566

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our Story: Part advertising agency. Part marketing consultancy. Full-time idea factory. Senior, hands-on leadership. ...

Cultural Profile

We're hard-working, straight-shooting, fun-loving, quality-obsessed, customer-focused, results-driven entreprenuerial types. We don't care for titles or layers or bureaucracy or politics--they just get in the way of good work. We're privately-owned, so we make our own rules, take only the clients we like and have as much fun as we damn well please. ...

Firm Strengths

The strategic and synergistic integration of various communication disciplines, including advertising, promotion, point-of-sale, public relations, publishing and e-marketing (e-marketing is defined as: online advertising, permission-based email, affiliate marketing, website strategy/design/content development). ...

One Last Word

Many of our clients have described us as "the brain of a large agency and the soul of a small one." To translate: they like the fact that we have many, many senior professionals who were big wigs at big shops working on big brands. They're mature folks who know how to solve problems and do it quickly and efficiently. Put those kind of people in ...

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