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New York Advertising Agency #03-1018638-984

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a truly integrated, full service advertising agency focused on branding, response and the Web. We specialize in bridging brand advertising and direct response. Our passions and expertise run the gamut - from TV, print, radio.to interactive, online, viral and ...

Cultural Profile

Our executives draw upon our firm's 15 years of experience, serving a variety of industries, including telecommunications, publishing, packaged goods and financial services across a variety of media. Target markets reached range from B2B to a wide facet of consumer audiences. We have particular skill in helping clients to reposition themselves to ...

Firm Strengths

Our main core competency is bridging brand advertising with direct response. With this strategy, we have generated over 1 billion in direct sales, through 126 advertising campaigns, resulting in 96 major advertising ...

One Last Word

Stuart Elliot, of the New York Times, was asked to name one independent agency based in the U.S. that has the creative strength and sensitivity to transcend cultural boundaries. Mr. Elliot thought about it, did some research and two weeks later, ...

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