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New York New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1019347-000

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Who we are We are one of the largest interactive marketing and technology services agencies in the world. We synthesize technology with a great ...

Cultural Profile

Back in grade school, some people used to make fun of the smart kids. We hire them. We hire them because some challenges demand intellect. Some opportunities require curiosity. And some questions are so tired of being answered with the same hackneyed clichs that they're begging for someone with brilliance and an offbeat sense of humor to wrestle ...

Firm Strengths

We are an interactive services firm that helps companies use the online channel as a marketing and business tool. We combine data, insight-driven design, leading technologies and rigorous optimization to build strong brands and improve relationships with customers, ...

One Last Word

We are consumer-centered. With all of the strengths we see in other agencies and service providers, both within and outside the interactive marketing space, one area we see them consistently falling short is in their focus on consumers. We, however, consider this focus to be more ...

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