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New York New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1019480-740

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our firm is a leading digital sales and marketing firm. We bring experience, discipline, integrity, knowledge and commitment to our clients. These attributes allow us and our clients to thrive in an ever challenging and volatile business environment. ...

Cultural Profile

Our industry expertise and relationships come from innumerable business partnerships with leading companies engaged in varied, but connected e-marketing business models, including internet, wireless, and broadband media. Our perspective has been shaped by hands-on managerial experience during the growth, correction, and unfolding comeback of ...

Firm Strengths

Our core competencies are digital sales, marketing and media distribution. We create and build the e-business strategy for our clients success with their online business. We are a recognized expert in customer acquisition, lead generation, database development and management. We accomplish this through internet media planning/buying, ...

One Last Word

President/Founder of the firm is a recognized expert in the digital sales and marketing Industry. He founded the agency in March 2000. In 1998, the President of Audio Book Club/MediaBay, Inc. appointed him to the position of Vice President of Internet Marketing & ...

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