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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1022918-034

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

"The New Model for Multicultural Marketing" We believe we represent the new model for clients to build their multicultural businesses. Our comprehensive portfolio of services is offered in a manner that any client, large or small, can access ...

Cultural Profile

"C3" Our business culture is simple. It is Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication. We call it "C3". We believe that "C3" is the fundamental formula for optimum integrated marketing success. We foster this culture via an environment of openness and mutual respect for each ...

Firm Strengths

Because we are a family of companies that can support each other, yet act as individual operating units and profit centers, we can respond to client business needs with maximum flexibility; single service or full service. ...

One Last Word

Taken separately, each of our operating units is a distinguished and accomplished player in the multicultural marketing industry. Each operating unit represents best-in-class resources and capabilities. Each unit has developed and pioneered proprietary business tools in service to their clients. Each of our operating units has earned its ...

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