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New York Advertising Agency #03-1024598-119

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We have a simple but powerful approach. We pride ourselves in creating advertising that (1) makes brands stand out, (2) bonds with consumers, (3) has immediate impact, (4) generates buzz, (5) creates cultural icons, and (6) yields phenomenal sales and business results. ...

Cultural Profile

We have a very clear and pervasive set of core values and an operating philosophy deeply embraced by its members. . Creativity and intelligence are valued above all else and are expected from each and every member of the group. ...

Firm Strengths

Hair Care: Procter & Gamble - Clairol Insurance/Financial Services: AFLAC/Independence Community Bank Real Estate: Coldwell Banker ...

One Last Word

As cited earlier, our process is very fluid. We do not operate in silos, we are all entrepreneurs and problem solvers who understand that the best solutions are frequently found by working with each other-not against each other. We are a college of peers, with each bringing a different perspective of the problem on the client's issues and ...

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