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New York Media Buying Agency #03-1025632-475

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a full-service media agency with headquarters in NY. We offer our clients domestic & international media expertise. Our ...

Cultural Profile

In order to offer best in class services, we have combined the strengths of the traditional Ad Agency Media Department with the strengths of the Classic Media Buying Service. Agency Media Department strengths = Disciplined strategic thinking, ...

Firm Strengths

The cornerstones of our service are 1. Guaranteed Cost Savings and Guaranteed Media Delivery - We pride ourselves on our negotiating expertise and guarantee that we will reduce your out of pocket media expenses and we guarantee the media ...

One Last Word

Clients come to our media agency initially for our demonstrated ability to save them money on their media buys but they stay with us because of our ability to deliver not only cost savings but also creative media executions that get consumers to take greater notice of their advertising. ...

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