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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1026377-933

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We advise clients on their communications needs, often in critical situations, in the fields of financial, corporate and public affairs. Our highly experienced consultants help clients to inform the people they need to reach, to change critical perceptions and to solve issues ...

Cultural Profile

We operate as a single firm with a common culture in 16 offices around the world. We are unique among specialist financial-communications firms in our extensive global reach and our cohesive culture. We are commited to superior client service and to recruiting and retaining exceptional talent. ...

Firm Strengths

1. Unrivaled international reach. 2. Domain expertise in financial, business and regulatory issues. 3. Highly experienced senior counselors who work daily with clients. 4. Proven ability to work with other agency partners to support brands.

One Last Word

The Gavin Anderson network serves every major financial and political market in the world. Our "one firm" firm policy creates a seamless level of service across country or regional boundaries and allows us to bring the full resources of the firm to bear in serving our clients' needs. ...

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