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New York Advertising Agency #03-1026807-279

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We believe that brands are the emotional links between products and people. We maintain that everything that "touches" the product influences the perception of the brand. While we readily acknowledge that advertising builds brands, we further believe that so do all the ...

Cultural Profile

Our firm is a creatively-driven agency with an account management conscience. While we place the highest premium on creativity, it is never unbridled. Focus on the client's product or service is of paramount importance. So too is context, which explains why disciplines like media, sales promotion and direct marketing are a large part of ...

Firm Strengths

Our strengths include TV, print, direct response, sales promotion and collateral for package goods, fashion, luxury goods, B2B, consumer electronics and service industries.

One Last Word

Our minority partner, Hakuhodo, the world's eighth largest agency group, now gives us the added dimension of international capabilities, as well as a degree of stability and resources uncommon in independent agencies of our size.

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