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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1027824-751

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We plant powerful, organic ideas that can grow and thrive across all media. We embrace the fact that today's consumer is always on and know that successful brands need to engage through any of a Thousand Points of Contact. We combine an award winning ad agency, production house ...

Cultural Profile

The Farmer's Way/Love it To Life - We nurture and grow our clients, our partners and our passions. Through creativity, hard work, innovation and common sense and open communication, we do what it takes to create highly engaging brands. We help great companies become better. And we strive to make our own company, ourselves, our clients and our world ...

Firm Strengths

Harvesting the power of consumer passions: We develop communications programs that deliver to the core sweet spot that connects and motivates consumers, that marry brand assets to consumer affinities, and that build partnerships between brands, channels and causes that create added value and impact. ...

One Last Word

We are expert at creating and maintaining living brands. By finding the intersection of brand benefits, consumer lifestyles, and high quality entertainment we are able to integrate our clients brands organically into the lives of their consumers. ...

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