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New York New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1029855-201

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We're not the interactive version of an ad agency. But we are also not exactly the interactive version of a production company. We're kind of like hiring a director and a production company and a vfx company, with some great creative/art direction thrown in. Agencies don't keep ...

Cultural Profile

One time when we walked onto the Nike Campus, an employee asked our client "who's the rock band you have with you?" We give you a weird feeling about the kids. Like they grew up and got smart and are doing and saying amazingly interesting, relevant and ...

Firm Strengths

Interactive marketing Interactive design Interactive consulting & stratey Interactive application development and implementation Interactive advertising creation, production, and planning ...

One Last Word

Here's the thing. We are not brand-defining people. We're not interested in taking your company and developing a brand that will last through the ages and enhance value. Not to say we don't have strong opinions about that, but it's not where our strengths lie. ...

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