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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1029983-765

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We is a small, highly creative marketing and public relations agency with a solid reputation for producing industry recognized, award-winning programs. ...

Cultural Profile

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of PR services. Our unique blend of talent extending from our most senior level to our junior account executives encompasses wide-ranging experience in the public relations, consumer goods, entertainment, publications, health care, biotechnology and professional relations industries. As a result, when you come to ...

Firm Strengths

Strategic Counsel Media and Professional Relations Product Launches Brand Building Crisis Management ...

One Last Word

A message can go a long way if the right team is delivering it. Our agency team is comprised of executives who understand how to move within the PR and marketing world to get your message out into the public domain with authority, integrity and creativity. Our team has the necessary years of experience to know where the pitfalls are, how ...

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