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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1032001-034

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We generate innovative, highly stylized, personality based communications. Through proprietary methodologies we define a brand's core traits and then apply our unique, style-infused expertise to activate the brand. In doing so, we bring to life the brands inherent ...

Cultural Profile

Our agency is as human as it is professional. Our Projective Personality Process, is a reflection of the Agency's belief that people connect with people. To us, that begins within. So, our office (although highly designed) is a warm, friendly, open environment where our employees can connect and share ideas. We regularly schedule ...

Firm Strengths

We have developed a core strength in conveying a brand's personality. We have also developed a design driven, highly stylized approach to expressing our brand's personalities. Although it is a skill we honed within the world of beauty, fashion, retail and beverages, it is applicable to almost any field. ...

One Last Word

We create lust in our consumers envy in our competitors and Big stylish ideas for modern brands.

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