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New York Advertising Agency #03-1032715-588

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

For over 13 years, this agency has been one of the most consistently recognized ad agencies for strategic and creative excellence. We have been named "Best Mid/Small Size Ad Agency in the US" six times over the past 10 years by the 4A's. This is a record no agency, ...

Cultural Profile

Balanced approach. This agency is not headed up by only a creative person, who might seek solutions that are not necessarily strategically sound or by solely a businessperson whose views may not result in the best creative work. In our company there is a balance, which results in a highly strategic product that also meets the challenge of being ...

Firm Strengths

Strongest creative reputation. Nothing speaks more about our agency than the quality of our creative product. We have received virtually every creative award possible; in just the last two years alone: Addy's, Andy's, Clio, Cannes Gold Lion, One Show, Obie, International Art Directors Awards, Grand Mercury (as ...

One Last Word

Three other things about us... Media and message are one. Even the best marketing person cannot figure out if many of our ideas came from a media person or a creative person. ...

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