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New York Advertising Agency #03-1033261-509

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We're a New York ad agency with thirty-six highly motivated, creative and skilled people. In an option-rich, time-poor buyer's market, we know how to make your brand, product or service stand out. We believe that smart marketing strategies and killer creatives are the best way ...

Cultural Profile

Our agency is a high-energy, roll-up-your-sleeves sort of place. Principals are intimately involved in every account and there are very few levels of hierarchy. We rely heavily on research and sales data. Our account teams are highly skilled in analyzing sales data (many hold MBA's), and we are known among our competitors for being leaders in ...

Firm Strengths

Strategic and Account Planning These are core agency services, which we custom build to serve the various needs of our clients, ranging from long-range, strategic institutional plans, annual audience and membership campaigns, launch efforts, special programs, projects and exhibitions. ...

One Last Word

We are clearly entering a brave new world-one that offers enormous opportunities for improved performance. Web, wireless and interactive TV are the new channels of communication (as opposed to prevalent channels of the past decade-mostly broadcast and print) and are all interactive and digital. These characteristics change the dynamic of ...

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