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New York Advertising Agency #03-1034165-308

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are the first and largest multicultural advertising and communications agency in the United States. The agency is uniquely positioned to reach all segments of the population and especially focused on strategically addressing America's multicultural consumer ...

Cultural Profile

Our philosophy is simple, but direct: Goal Oriented and Results Driven We believe in ownership and accountability at all levels, and we continuously instill this vision throughout our organization. This philosophy allows for clarity in roles and responsibilities, while ...

Firm Strengths

Overall, our national footprint and our local field offices provide us with the ability to properly service large national clients with complex sets of marketing needs. Our two largest clients, DaimlerChrysler and Verizon Wireless have complex business needs-often driven by headquarter (national) initiatives, but affecting thousands ...

One Last Word

America has changed as we know it. We are committed to redefining the ways in which corporate America prioritizes and addresses the consumer marketplace in the years to come. Five years from now, we will be at the forefront of a new marketing revolution. The agency will be producing marketing and advertising solutions for the new America and ...

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