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New York Public Relations Agency #03-1034316-676

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission is to provide each and every client with a direct one-on-one experience wherein the publicist is truly an integral member of the client's team and their objective, delivering the hands-on approach that we are known for. As a boutique firm, we are flexible and ...

Cultural Profile

It's a non-corporate environment that is extremely professional and fast-paced. We don't believe in the clock-in/clock-out mentality. Everyone involved is here because they are genuinely driven in their career and excited by the projects we have the opportunity to work with. Every day is a new day & we thrive on expecting the unexpected ...

Firm Strengths

1) Launching, Relaunching or Repositioning PR-helping a brand to gain the press, media, industry and consumer exposure it needs to survive. 2) Special Event Execution and Publicity-developing a press-worthy scenario and bringing the right people to the room. 3) Developing Cross Promotional Strengths - between contacts, clients and other relevant ...

One Last Word

Our company is compromised of a diverse background of motivated individuals. From an entrepreneur, to an investment banker consultant, to a major record label music marketer, to a mainstream book publisher, to a fashionista, to a celebrity/socialite specialist, to a technology guru-we come together to share our various experience and to band ...

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