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New York Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1037110-588

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We provide memorable consumer engagement built on measurement. We are an experiential marketing agency that combines event, promotional and digital services to deliver Accountable Marketing Solutions for our clients. Using our proprietary tools and technology we create programs ...

Cultural Profile

A company is only as good as its people. We are proud of our talented and passionate people who are challenged everyday to work in a high performance environment, supporting and partnering with our Clients. Our people are encouraged to challenge the status quo and take risks in a creative environment where they are able to grow, learn, make ...

Firm Strengths

We deliver both the art and science needed to develop and manage experiential marketing initiatives. Our company was built on the need to validate the value of every dollar spent in this from of marketing. We have focused on accountability for over 10 years and while most of our competitors are still working on their position, we have perfected ...

One Last Word

Promotions, events and sponsorships create platforms for consumer-to-brand engagement. Our difference is our analytical approach to activating these properties. Effectiveness and efficiency are the essentials for every program we create. Which is why so many our programs become lasting cornerstones of our client's marketing efforts. ...

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