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Newark New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1025476-577

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a full service marketing and design firm specializing in interactive and new media. For over a decade we have been providing strategic and comprehensive solutions for branding, advertising, and corporate communications. ...

Cultural Profile

Our company is made up of talented designers, programmers and management that produces creative, cost-effective solutions for clients ranging from start-ups and small companies to Fortune 100 firms. We are a small, focused company that considers each project as a separate and entirely organic experience. Your product will be unique, ...

Firm Strengths

Our solutions are as diverse as our client's needs-from a corporate logo, promotional materials and website development to interactive sales presentations or product branding-but our focus is the same: to maximize the full potential of integrated marketing, combining the best in new media and traditional assets. ...

One Last Word

We have an environment to provide the thinking and processes to move business ideas from inception through implementation: content/context development, creative, production and execution.

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