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Philadelphia Media Buying Agency #03-1014169-243

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission is to exceed your expectatons by providing superior service, support, knowledge, innovation and integrity in an increasingly complex media world. To achieve this goal, we abide by the following tenets. ...

Cultural Profile

Our astronomical growth in the last few years have expanded us into a 4 building campus with 100 + employees. Honesty and integrity are what the firm is built upon. We are a full disclosure media services firm and we do the right thing - even when it ...

Firm Strengths

Our firm's strengths are many, however, the key force is an unyielding devotion to Customer Service. From the receptionist to the President, you will find someone who is looking to help you grow your business and who does not view you as an intrusion or inconvenience. Every employee attends a 2 day Customer Service seminar as part of their training. ...

One Last Word

Why you should work with us..... We are honest and hard working. We are strategically sound in our recommendations and translate these recommendations into actual executable buys. We are a full disclosure firm - no white out on the ...

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