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Phoenix Advertising Agency #03-1011708

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

The Agency is a full-service advertising agency comprised of experienced marketing professionals who are passionately committed to producing advertising that is compelling and motivating. We do this by engaging the largest audience with compassionate, real world messages ...

Cultural Profile

Cool, intelligent, and creative are descriptions of key attributes we seek in Agency personnel. Nearly all of our employees are experienced, well-rounded professionals who have had tenure on both the agency and client side. In addition to work experience, we look for energetic individuals who posess strategic minds and have a commitment to detail ...

Firm Strengths

The Agency hires mature individuals -- regardless of age -- who have well-rounded backgrounds in a number of industries. Our planning is grounded in sound marketing methods -- we value research and information, and a solid understanding of consumer perceptions before we undertake to create effective communication solutions. We take pride ...

One Last Word

The individual strengths of those who comprise the Agency give us capabilities that encompass the entire range of creative communications. The Agency was founded nine years ago, yet the combined experience of its members can be measured in decades. This experience has been gained achieving success for some of the most ...

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