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Phoenix Advertising Agency #03-1015321-791

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

The successful agency of the new millenium will understand - better than anybody else - how people consume communications. It will have at its disposal a complete range of advertising, ...

Cultural Profile

Smart. Intensely committed. Ready to go the extra mile. Passionate about delivering results - the right results. That's our people. They are what sets us apart, no doubt about it. And as members of a large communications family, they are backed by resources and a global network that few can match. Customers know they can count on us for ...

Firm Strengths

Our core competencies include: 1. Image advertising/branding building 2. Expertise in digital communications 3. Award-winning creative ...

One Last Word

Vision: To transform the world's first advertising agency into the world's first global total communications company. Mission: ...

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