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Portland Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1013264-912

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We help consumers understand why they should trust your brand. Our job is to coach you on how to vibrate at the same pitch as your consumers. If you are out of tune, it's just too hard to connect in a way that can guarantee results. We also coach you, that you cannot have ...

Cultural Profile

We want to attract good clients and good employees. People who together, want to build magnetic brands based on the understanding that the consumer is in control. We hold one another accountable for good work and results. ...

Firm Strengths

We are good listeners and students of human behavior. We create intrigue. We help consumers feel why they should trust your brand. We don't believe that advertising is the solution to every problem. We are independent. We don't answer to a board of directors. ...

One Last Word

We are committed to following a path that can lead to becoming a cult brand. In 2005, the author of The Power of Cult Branding joined the agency to continue his study and teaching of how and why consumers embrace brands. ...

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