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Portland Advertising Agency #03-1014896-337

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Mission. We are branding experts committed to creating and protecting our clients' marketing images; specifically to increase customer top-of-mind awareness, sales and loyalty. ...

Cultural Profile

We hire talented, proven thinkers who constantly search for the "other right answer". They leave no stone unturned. Our strategy has been to hire these professionals in all departments and create the safest possible environment for them to challenge each other and shoot holes through all "good ideas". The more bullet-proof the idea; the more ...

Firm Strengths

a. Brand Positioning. Finding that unique and compelling truth about your company that is meaningful to your customer. b. Strategic Planning. Directing research and analyzing the results, the competition and the client's vision to create a deliverable ...

One Last Word

At our latest management planning session, we were all asked to list two values characteristic of the agency. Unanimously on everyone's list was one word: integrity. We consider ourselves advisors who give candid advice and straight ...

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