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Raleigh Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1012261-292

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our goal is to be marketing partners with our clients and work with them in whatever areas we can to help insure their growth and success. Because we can not merely be an "advertising agency" in today's world, we have developed a set of skills that can help clients formulate their ...

Cultural Profile

We are extremely hard workers here - not self-important executives who "do lunch" and expect the little people to do the work (we got rid of those guys a long time ago). We're all in the trenches working for our paychecks. We know what's going on with our clients because we're involved in their businesses. We use no trainees to produce our work. ...

Firm Strengths

We perform the following services for our clients: Market Research (principally focus groups, surveys and interviews), Marketing Planning, Full Service Advertising, Marketing Training (for both executives and employees), and Branding. ...

One Last Word

We encourage potential clients to talk with our present clients. They are our best advertising. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ad agencies can produce nice looking, clever work. We form strong bonds with our clients in our quest for their success, and they trust us to value their reputations and budgets. This is truly a relationship business. ...

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