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Richmond Advertising Agency #03-1028042-321

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver sustainable competitive advantage to our clients through innovation in direct response marketing communication. Rising media costs, an increasingly fragmented marketplace, and ...

Cultural Profile

Senior management's primary responsibility is to develop and maintain an atmosphere which recognizes and nurtures the inherent creative gifts of all human beings. Job security, freedom to fail, freedom of challenge the orthodox, freedom to question anything, all characterize our culture. The ancient Greeks would call culture the "Spirit of ...

Firm Strengths

Typical agencies think reproductively. Thinking based on analyzing similar situations encountered in the past and their corresponding solutions. All other possible solutions are excluded from consideration as they are certain of their conclusions. ...

One Last Word

When the front cover of a recent Business Week announced the death of the "mass market" and "mass advertising", you can be certain that tens of millions in wasted advertising dollars preceded this pronouncement. Just as surely, productivity did not grow and the quality of life for consumers did not rise. The only beneficiary of this waste is the ...

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