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San Francisco Advertising Agency #03-1012361-122

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

CLEVER PEOPLE MAKE TERRIFIC ADS. Since 1991, we've created Clever advertising that sells through humor and empathy. The strategy behind our work is almost transparent when ...

Cultural Profile

We don't spend an inordinate amount of time talking about culture. It's a lot more fun to live it and affect it every day. Our reach involves us in everything from landmark preservation campaigns to public policy initiatives on both coasts. Our mission, attitude, and ideas have weathered industry projections, successful and failed IPOs-and the ...

Firm Strengths

Our strength is being Clever. One word says it all. It means we're smart and are looking for equally smart clients. Long essays are like long meetings. They actually don't say much in the long run. Our clients use words like Core Competency. So, here's our point of ...

One Last Word

Clever People Make Terrific Ads: We've sold millions of boxes of financial software for Intuit via two direct mediums they had never tried before: Radio and Outdoor. That's right, we introduced QuickBooks to the world. ...

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