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San Francisco Public Relations Agency #03-1040965-597

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Founded in 1992, our agency has provided results-driven public relations campaigns for some of the technology industry's most successful companies. We have launched over 40 startups, successfully influenced over 20 mergers and acquisitions and ...

Cultural Profile

There are numerous high-tech and Silicon Valley PR firms that, ironically, are virtually indistinguishable from one another-many of them controlled by the big NY media conglomerates. What makes our agency stand out is its unique combination of senior level, hands-on strategy coupled with top notch writing services and imaginative media ...

Firm Strengths

With domain expertise in enterprise networking, cloud computing, enterprise and mobile security, semiconductors, storage and next-generation data centers, we successfully branched out into Green Technology markets in 2006. As a result, we have expanded our market expertise to include smart grid technologies, next-generation ...

One Last Word

As PR practitioners since 1992, we've developed a keen appreciation for how valuable good communicators are, especially when it comes to market education for difficult-to-understand technologies. It is an art to explain to mere mortals the intricacies and business significance of various technologies ranging from WAN optimization and network access ...

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