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San Jose Advertising Agency #03-1013146-205

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a premier Silicon Valley based marketing communications agency. For nearly 25 years, we've offered an unequaled mix of strong marketing skills and rich creative resources. ...

Cultural Profile

Our people tend to be smart and experienced, but show very little of the hip pretense and arrogance you sometimes find elsewhere. You won't hear the word "cool" used fifteen times in any one sentence. Instead, you'll find very creative individuals with an uncanny ability to identify and express the essence and differentiation of products and ...

Firm Strengths

Everyone's going to tell you they're creative. And everyone's going to tell you they're strategic. Our guess is you've seen the word "partnership" used more than once or twice. Obviously, an agency needs to be all of that. But what is too often missing, and what we do better than others, is provide a relentless attention to detail. ...

One Last Word

If you're conducting a public relations or advertising (or public relations) agency search you really should consider us. We're experienced, in many cases beyond the clients we currently serve. Well-established. We offer a full range of services, and in many cases, a breath of fresh air. ...

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