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San Jose Public Relations Agency #03-1021742-607

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

You won't find "human" on the official list of PR buzzwords, but at our agency, we've discovered that spending time being human pays tremendous dividends. Let me explain how this simple concept makes us a better public relations agency. ...

Cultural Profile

The agency brings senior-level professionals to client assignments. Our team of professionals provides the perfect blend of intelligence, experience, integrity, creativity and skill. We recognize that the success of our agency is made possible because of our people. ...

Firm Strengths

The Agency has a proven track record of maintaining long-term client relations,strategically elevating its clients to "category leader" positions,positively impacting company sales and revenues and helping clients achieve their objectives. Although no public relations agency can ever guarantee results, we stand by our reputation for delivering ...

One Last Word

The agency takes pride in its knowledge and proven success in today's complex, critical media venues-especially the Internet-by targeting clients in commercial and advanced technology markets. These markets include networking, data storage, and mobile wireless computing. Connecting with the influencers in these sectors is what the agency ...

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