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San Jose Public Relations Agency #03-1033321-332

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

If you're a technology business with the ambition to create or boost your brand profile in multiple global markets, then we're your ideal PR partner. ...

Cultural Profile

Our No. 1 mission is to do great work. All public relations agencies claim this, but we live it. Being independently owned gives us the freedom to tell our people: Concentrate on doing the best work for our clients, and if we're effective at that, than financial success will follow. ...

Firm Strengths

Our Strengths: 1) Strategic Counsel: We've got the perfect mix of senior talent, with expertise honed in-house, at big agencies and boutiques. ...

One Last Word

We thought it appropriate to let you hear the "last word" from one of our clients, who hired us to help introduce a major new initiative. In her post-launch email to our team's VP, she highlighted those qualities that we bring to every client engagement: precise execution, ...

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