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Tampa Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1027203-812

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

"National Advertising Without The Agency". We are a project-driven alternative to the outdated concept of a retainer-based advertising agency. Utilizing our network of niche-marketing specialists, we provide clients with a fully integrated ...

Cultural Profile

Established in 1988, we are a free-wheeling, creatively-driven company with a corporate personality to match. Our offices are in a restored 1926 theatre building that's on the National Registry of Historic Places. In line with both the cinema heritage and our commitment to marketing warfare, the work spaces are filled with vintage movie ...

Firm Strengths

We have a rich and varied history in targeted direct mail. We have worked in all forms of broadcast production, with national honors. ...

One Last Word

One of our biggest single advantages is our flexibility. We wouldn't be able to list the number of national advertisers in our client list if we weren't able to adapt to fit exactly what they needed, exactly when they needed it. ...

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