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Tulsa Advertising Agency #03-1014045-435

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

After 30-plus years in the marketing and advertising business, we like to think we've learned a thing or two. Like, do what you do well and not try to be all things to all people. ...

Cultural Profile

The Agency's culture reflects its people: we hire people who are smart, strategic and fun. They are experts in their fields, and have the ability to create a strategically sound marketing program. Our people are also GOOD people: easy-to-work-with team players who are ...

Firm Strengths

Account Planning In the late 1990s, we added Account Planning as a major discipline in our agency. It didn't take long for both employees and clients to see-and believe in-the difference true Account Planning made. Since then, it has driven every brand we've represented, and has made a ...

One Last Word

The foundation of any communications or marketing strategy should be based on understanding who a brand's best customers are and what causes them to make a buying decision. Layered on top of traditional research and analysis, we have developed a proprietary methodology we call brand planning to develop real insight into customers, and why they do the ...

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