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Virginia Beach Advertising Agency #03-1014938-075

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency zeros in on two prospect groups: Those "At The Doorway," ready to buy now, and the much larger group "In The Pipeline" who will buy next week, month, year. ...

Cultural Profile

"Creative-turned-marketing" best describes our agency. Our staff personality, and in specific cases, background and training, is creative; however, marketing our Clients' products and services is what we do, and we devote our creative resources to that end. We seldom hire agency people, preferring, instead, those with good talent, education, ...

Firm Strengths

Branding: We have established strong branding images that have stood the test of time for many Clients. Broadcast: We have created hundreds of television and radio commercials and have in-house writing, editing and directing capability. ...

One Last Word

Although many years in the agency business, the principals of our firm have professional backgrounds that include experience in media and business. This allows us to to think outside the ad agency "Box" that tends to focus on advertising as though it were an end in itself. While we do believe in superior creative product, our goal is always the ...

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